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The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Kacey Musgraves has without a doubt outdone herself with her wonderfully executed christmas show on Amazon prime. With a magical playlist composed of christmas classics and some original songs the artist wrote herself, the whole piece wraps itself together to be one of the most beautiful presentsContinue reading “The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show”

Tarea #9 Reflexion Final

Workshop listing: Tarea #1 – Mi Experiencia en la web Tarea #2 – About page & Website personalization Tarea #3 – Colaboraci贸n (No se publicaba nada) Tarea #4 – Privacidad en la web Tarea #5 – Presentando tu portafolio Tarea #6 – Mini proyecto de inform谩tica Tarea #7 – Feedly & RSS Tarea #8 –Continue reading “Tarea #9 Reflexion Final”

Tarea 7: Feedly & RSS

The following list describes briefly what each and every one of these blogs is dedicated to: Personal Interest Billboard – This website posts daily news & interviews related to whats happening at the moment with popular music and the artists behind them. BOOOOOOOM – Centered on exposing new artists and their best work; meant toContinue reading “Tarea 7: Feedly & RSS”


In order to reach a wider, more diverse group of people, I’ve decided to now publish my posts in English. This was recommended by a few of you, the people who I make content for. In other news, I’ve got some new and interesting content coming your way. Be aware, for you will not wantContinue reading “UPDATE: ANNOUNCEMENT”

Tarea 6: Bitcoin

            Como parte del curso de inform谩tica, se nos otorgo la tarea de realizar una presentaci贸n sobre alg煤n tema relacionado a las tecnolog铆as de la actualidad. Por este motivo, realice una breve presentaci贸n sobre el Bitcoin, en la cual se exploran temas como: su historia, como funciona y algunas aplicaciones que se pueden utilizar.  聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽A continuaci贸nContinue reading “Tarea 6: Bitcoin”

Album of the week

De mejor manera no puedo introducir la secci贸n de 鈥溍bum of the week鈥 a mi blog. Pues, fue el Viernes 4 de Octubre que Sabrina Claudio (presente en la imagen colocada arriba), lanzo su 谩lbum mas reciente: 鈥渢ruth is鈥. El mismo, se puede considerar una de sus obras mas personales e intimas; con canciones como:Continue reading “Album of the week”