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The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show

Kacey Musgraves
“Kacey Musgraves” by longeygey is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Kacey Musgraves has without a doubt outdone herself with her wonderfully executed christmas show on Amazon prime. With a magical playlist composed of christmas classics and some original songs the artist wrote herself, the whole piece wraps itself together to be one of the most beautiful presents one could receive. But whats a present without a bow you say? We don’t know of that here, for Kacey once again decorates plenty of her songs with verses that feature artists like Lana del Rey, Troye Sivan and James Corden.

Now its your turn to LET IT SNOW and HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS all whilst listening to my personal favorites, GLITTERY and CHRISTMAS MAKES ME CRY.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’m by no means meant to be selfish, so heres a little preview of what the magic feels like:

Kacey Musgraves performing Glittery live on The Tonight Show
Kacey Musgraves performing Christmas Makes Me Cry live on the Ellen show


Tarea #9 Reflexion Final

Workshop listing:

  1. Tarea #1 – Mi Experiencia en la web
  2. Tarea #2 – About page & Website personalization
  3. Tarea #3 – Colaboración (No se publicaba nada)
  4. Tarea #4 – Privacidad en la web
  5. Tarea #5 – Presentando tu portafolio
  6. Tarea #6 – Mini proyecto de informática
  7. Tarea #7 – Feedly & RSS
  8. Tarea #8 – Programación (No se publicaba nada)
  9. Tarea #9 – You are currently on “tarea 9”
  10. Proyecto final

36 visitors in 5 months


What a wonderful way to begin my first year of university! Inf103 has been without a doubt my favorite course this semester; for it was here where I learned about a handful of important skills and instruments that I will definitely be coming back to in the near future.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My top two taught things

  • Creative Commons
  • Feedly

My top two taught interesting topics

  • Online Privacy
  • Working with Microsoft’s PowerPoint

What I would change about the course

The only thing that comes to mind involving the topic of change would be the frequency and consistency in which us (the students) are supposed to post on our blog; for we’re a bunch of busy individuals, and at times it can get really hard to be as consistent as it is demanded.

Art I.

My top three pieces this semester

“En Clases”

All of the following pieces were drawn and completed in classes; I do not recommend you do the same if you want to fully understand and comprehend what is actually being taught in said class. Otherwise, just do what you’ve got to do. 😉


One of my favorites in terms of the time and process behind it.


This has got to be one of my most detailed and perfectly composed pieces of the year.1.


Definitely my favorite piece of the year. Pretty self explanatory, I myself am a huge fan of how the details and the contrast in it turned out for me.

I am by no means calling my art perfect, or making it seem as if my art is the “correct way” to do art; this being said, constructive criticism is way more than being appreciated.

Let’s have a conversation down below, show me YOUR ART.

Tarea 7: Feedly & RSS

The following list describes briefly what each and every one of these blogs is dedicated to:

Personal Interest

  1. Billboard – This website posts daily news & interviews related to whats happening at the moment with popular music and the artists behind them.
  2. BOOOOOOOM – Centered on exposing new artists and their best work; meant to inspire the creative community to create.
  3. Colossal – Colossal focuses on embracing and detailing artist’s work around the world.
  4. Rolling Stones – One of the most popular pop cultured related magazine in the world, exploring everything from films to politics.
  5. The FADER – The FADER, the one I would consider my personal favorite, focuses directly on music and the artistry behind the process.

Professional Interest

  1. /Film – In /Film you’ll be informed about the latest news regarding anything to do with movies and upcoming projects.
  2. CinemaBlend – Cinemablend centers on all things movies; from the production to the trailers to the movie itself, in a series of articles and reviews.
  3. Latest Movie Trailers – A website managed by Apple dedicated to the latest movie trailers.
  4. Variety – What could be considered one of the most influential magazines exploring topics related to all things pop culture.
  5. What’s on NetflixWhat’s on Netflix focuses on informing its audience of the latest releases on said platform.


In order to reach a wider, more diverse group of people, I’ve decided to now publish my posts in English. This was recommended by a few of you, the people who I make content for.

In other news, I’ve got some new and interesting content coming your way. Be aware, for you will not want to miss it.

If you have some more advice or constructive criticism that you think might help with the growth and development of this blog, don’t be afraid to leave a comment down below!

Thank you, for always being honest.


Tarea 6: Bitcoin

            Como parte del curso de informática, se nos otorgo la tarea de realizar una presentación sobre algún tema relacionado a las tecnologías de la actualidad. Por este motivo, realice una breve presentación sobre el Bitcoin, en la cual se exploran temas como: su historia, como funciona y algunas aplicaciones que se pueden utilizar. 

            A continuación les coloco la presentación y un breve resumen de la misma.

Breve historia

  • La primera transacción del Bitcoin fue realizada en el 2009.
  • La misma fue realizada bajo el alias de Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • No fue hasta el 2016, que Craig Steven Wright se revelo como el creador del Bitcoin.

Funcionamiento de la tecnología

  • El Bitcoin es una moneda, como el dólar americano y los euros, que sirve para intercambiar bienes y servicios.
  • A diferencia de los mencionados anteriormente, el Bitcoin se consigue exclusivamente de forma virtual.
  • Se destaca por ser seguro, eficiente y fácil al momento de ser intercambiado.
  • El Bitcoin se somete a las leyes de oferta y demanda, elevando y disminuyendo su valor sobre la base de bitcoins disponibles o no en el mercado.
  • El Bitcoin se basa en la cadena de bloques.

Aplicaciones de Bitcoin

  • Blockchain
  • Mycelium
  • Breadwallet
  • Copay
  • Hive
  • Coinbase
  • Greenbitz
  • Airbitz


Este video se dedica a explicar brevemente y de manera rápida el funcionamiento del bitcoin.
Este documento sirve como una guía sobre las criptomonedas.

Bitcoin, la moneda que esta cambiando el mundo.

  • Esta pagina se dedica a explorar los beneficios y las ventajas del bitcoin.

Qué es Bitcoin

  • En esta pagina se explica brevemente el funcionamiento del bitcoin; de igual manera, el autor explora temas claves como la minería y el blockchain.

¿Qué es el Bitcoin? ¿Es seguro invertir en bitcoins?

  • Este articulo expone y pone en duda la seguridad de esta criptomoneda; así mismo, presenta 10 claves y conceptos esenciales y relevantes al tema.



I took some time today to produce a quick presentation that will hopefully get you to know me a little better. I made this blog with the intention to get real and personal with my audience; with this in mind, in the following presentation you’ll get to know some fun facts about me. Who I am today, what I love to do and many other things.


Album of the week

Sabrina Claudio 08/27/2018 #52
“Sabrina Claudio 08/27/2018 #52” by jus10h is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

De mejor manera no puedo introducir la sección de “álbum of the week” a mi blog. Pues, fue el Viernes 4 de Octubre que Sabrina Claudio (presente en la imagen colocada arriba), lanzo su álbum mas reciente: “truth is”. El mismo, se puede considerar una de sus obras mas personales e intimas; con canciones como: “truth is”, “Me in her” y “Problem with you”. 

En contexto, los temas que trabaja la cantautora en el mismo no suelen variar de aquellos que trabajo en sus discos pasados. Aun así, Claudio demuestra atreves de su hipnotizante poesía y sus melancólicas melodías haberse desarrollado en este ultimo año, no tan solo como persona, pero como artista. 

En el disco no se ve presente ni una sola canción mala; desde “On my shoulders” a “Rumors”, cada una de las canciones tiene gran valor repetitivo. En lo personal, una de mis favoritas es “Truth is (spanish version)”, su primera canción oficial en español; donde la misma nos canta con el idioma que hereda de ambos padres: el español. 

Te invito a escucharlo y así mismo juzgar por tu propia cuenta; de igual manera a opinar en la sección de comentarios que se encuentra al final de la pagina.

Sin duda alguna, la cantautora nos ha regalado una de las mejores obras artísticas del año. Este disco, al igual que los demás, nos ha dejado a todos sus fanáticos satisfechos e interesados por sus próximos proyectos; así como el futuro de su carrera como artista.

“truth is”, un álbum para todo evento, desde la ducha al tapón.

Honorable Mentions

Kim Petras – Turn Off The Light

Jessie Reyez – Far Away