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Tarea #9 Reflexion Final

Workshop listing:

  1. Tarea #1 – Mi Experiencia en la web
  2. Tarea #2 – About page & Website personalization
  3. Tarea #3 – Colaboración (No se publicaba nada)
  4. Tarea #4 – Privacidad en la web
  5. Tarea #5 – Presentando tu portafolio
  6. Tarea #6 – Mini proyecto de informática
  7. Tarea #7 – Feedly & RSS
  8. Tarea #8 – Programación (No se publicaba nada)
  9. Tarea #9 – You are currently on “tarea 9”
  10. Proyecto final

36 visitors in 5 months


What a wonderful way to begin my first year of university! Inf103 has been without a doubt my favorite course this semester; for it was here where I learned about a handful of important skills and instruments that I will definitely be coming back to in the near future.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My top two taught things

  • Creative Commons
  • Feedly

My top two taught interesting topics

  • Online Privacy
  • Working with Microsoft’s PowerPoint

What I would change about the course

The only thing that comes to mind involving the topic of change would be the frequency and consistency in which us (the students) are supposed to post on our blog; for we’re a bunch of busy individuals, and at times it can get really hard to be as consistent as it is demanded.


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