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Tarea 7: Feedly & RSS

The following list describes briefly what each and every one of these blogs is dedicated to:

Personal Interest

  1. Billboard – This website posts daily news & interviews related to whats happening at the moment with popular music and the artists behind them.
  2. BOOOOOOOM – Centered on exposing new artists and their best work; meant to inspire the creative community to create.
  3. Colossal – Colossal focuses on embracing and detailing artist’s work around the world.
  4. Rolling Stones – One of the most popular pop cultured related magazine in the world, exploring everything from films to politics.
  5. The FADER – The FADER, the one I would consider my personal favorite, focuses directly on music and the artistry behind the process.

Professional Interest

  1. /Film – In /Film you’ll be informed about the latest news regarding anything to do with movies and upcoming projects.
  2. CinemaBlend – Cinemablend centers on all things movies; from the production to the trailers to the movie itself, in a series of articles and reviews.
  3. Latest Movie Trailers – A website managed by Apple dedicated to the latest movie trailers.
  4. Variety – What could be considered one of the most influential magazines exploring topics related to all things pop culture.
  5. What’s on NetflixWhat’s on Netflix focuses on informing its audience of the latest releases on said platform.


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