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Art I.

My top three pieces this semester

“En Clases”

All of the following pieces were drawn and completed in classes; I do not recommend you do the same if you want to fully understand and comprehend what is actually being taught in said class. Otherwise, just do what you’ve got to do. 😉


One of my favorites in terms of the time and process behind it.


This has got to be one of my most detailed and perfectly composed pieces of the year.1.


Definitely my favorite piece of the year. Pretty self explanatory, I myself am a huge fan of how the details and the contrast in it turned out for me.

I am by no means calling my art perfect, or making it seem as if my art is the “correct way” to do art; this being said, constructive criticism is way more than being appreciated.

Let’s have a conversation down below, show me YOUR ART.


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